Being away from home

has turned out to be far more difficult than I anticipated.

I skyped with my parents last night, and Kai was there with them. We were making funny faces at each other, and he looks over at my mom and said, “Aunt Kristy, when is Chelsea gonna be home?” and my mom told him that I wouldn’t be home for a long time, and he said, “But I want her to be here.” And I started sobbing. Like, actual sobbing. It hit me hard that wow, I am actually 500 miles away from my family. 

My crying made my dad cry. If you’ve ever seen a grown man cry, you know that it’s enough to make you begin to cry, if you weren’t already. Once we calmed down, we signed off, and my mom texted me, “Love you. I’m very proud of you. Talk to you tomorrow.” And that triggered me to cry even more.

Then this morning, my dad called me and told me how proud of me he is and that I’m still his little girl, which resulted in me crying for the rest of the morning, and lounging around in a pair of his sweats and one of his old t-shirts.

How am I going to make it to August?

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